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Personal Coaching

Scientific Coaching offer a range of Personal Coaching Plans to help you achieve your aims and potential regardless of your current level of fitness.  From the enthusiastic amateur to the world medal hopeful we can help everyone make the most out of their time and ability.

All of my Personal Coaching Plans are designed and conducted by myself, Dr Auriel Forrester.  All are written specifically for the individual by myself and all one-2-one coaching sessions are taken with me. We don't use computer generated plans - all are written to suit your needs.

Once signed up with Scientific Coaching you may be entitled to discounts off the range of products and services offered.

Options for different contracts

All my Personal Coaching Plans start with an extensive discussion via phone, email or in person to make sure that everything is set up specific to your requirements.  During this first month there will be frequent reviews to make sure the plan is spot on ! 

During this first month you can then decide whether to continue with monthly, fortnightly or even more frequent reviews of your progress and updates to your plan.  You can also decide whether to sign up for a six or twelve month plan with payments made either monthly by standing order or in full at a discounted rate. The initial payment covers your first coaching plan and you can cancel after that without additional charges so no need to feel you are hooked into a long term financial commitment - although we are sure you'll want to stay with us!

All of the Personal Coaching plans include the opportunity for regular fitness assessments - either here in Norfolk or using data gained in your own training and racing.  You can also take up the option of bike set up, 1-2-1 training sessions and our other coaching services at little if any additional costs.  You can also kick start your training by starting off with a fitness assessment, bike set up and pedaling technique analysis plus a training review including your first months training plan ALL FOR THE INITIAL FEE OF £215*....

  Initial Payment* Six Months Coaching Package Twelve Months Coaching Package
Monthly review and update of training plan £215*

£105 per month via Standing Order for five months or £475 in full

£95 per month via Standing Order for 11 months or £950 in full
Fortnightly review and update of training plan £215* £155 per month via Standing Order for five months or £725 in full £145 per month via Standing Order for 11 months or £1450 in full

For clients who require more frequent coaching support and analysis of each and every session then I do have a limited number of coaching slots which allow for weekly updates of the training plan to best fit around busy work and travel schedules or to ensure that we keep the training right on focus. 

Training Peaks online coaching plans

All our new Personal Coaching clients will be given complimentary upgrade to the TRAINING PEAKS PREMIUM CLIENT STATUS to enable optimal interaction between the coach and the athlete. This is also available for an additional £7.50 per month for existing clients. However, if you prefer a different forum for your training plans then that is fine too!

As world leading experts on power based training plans we offer additional discounts on all coaching packages with new purchased of SRM Power Systems:, and visa versa

Contact me to find out how to set started on your Personal Coaching Plan

01953 711176 or 07739 728434 or Contact us.

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