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High Performance Ergometer

High Performance Ergometer

Power in the lab - For accurate results, professionally tested

The SRM High Performance Ergometer is designed to simulate cycling indoors for scientific testing, research and high-level monitored training. The Ergometer is used world-wide in university laboratories, coaching facilities and by national cycling and triathlon federations. Quotations can be provided for research applications and tenders.  Installation and Staff Training can be included as preferred.

  • SRM Ergometer with integrated SRM Training System - Science version (0.5% accuracy). The PowerMeter is Wireless ready.
  • The saddle and handlebar position can easily be adjusted and locked using quick release levers, positions ranging from racing positions to relaxed positions - for cyclists between 140 and 200 cm height (4'7" - 6'7").
  • Narrow Q-Factor of only 151mm.
  • individually adjustable crank length from 150 - 190mm in 2.5mm increments.
  • Smooth running gearbox with an eddy current brake and braking power from 20 to 2500 watts; up to 4000 watts for short intervals.
  • Compatible with PolarTM heartrate belts.
  • Stiff and sturdy design (Total weight 100 kg / 220 lbs), powder-coated aluminum frame and stainless steel parts allow for precise measurements and years of reliable use.
  • Two interchangeable large flywheel masses simulate the kinetic energy and the "sensation" of cycling at realistic speeds. In addition to the flywheels we added a low maintenance 14-gear Rohloff hub to allow for smaller adjustments of the kinetic energy to simulate each athlete's weight and riding speeds in real conditions.
  • SRMWin software which is part of the package includes a simple editor to create and save different test protocols.
  • All data are shown on the screen in online mode and then saved automatically. The data can be analyzed using the SRMWin software.
  • Windows compatability only

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