SRM SERVICE : Powercontrol battery replacement

SRM SERVICE : Powercontrol battery replacement
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SRM SERVICE : Powercontrol battery replacement


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Product Information

Powercontrol battery replacement - recharge and check.

Additional services such as replacement rear cover (including pins), keyboard, front covery -- all available elsewherein this section

Optional upgrade of powercontrol V or VI battery to the longer life LiPo battery available - choose from the drop down menu : please note time scale for this process is approx 4 weeks.

*** NEW EXPRESS SERVICE OPTION*** : for SRM powermeter battery replacement, calibration and SRM powercontrol battery replacement we are now offering an EXPRESS SERVICE option where we will turn round the service in 24hrs from receipt of the item so it will be dispatched back to you the following day by an express guaranteed courier or Royal Mail. If for whatever reason this cannot be achieved then the surcharge will of course be refunded. Standara turnround time is 4-6 working days unless additional parts are required.  

# Please note that as we charge a flat rate for return carriage the price of the Powercontrol battery replacement has been reduced to reflect this#

Product CodeSRMRBRD986